Blessings and Renewals of Vows

The Blessing of a Marriage or Renewal of Wedding Vows can be held for many different reasons. Sometimes, couples marry in their local Register Office but would like their marriage to be blessed by the Church. In this case, the blessing ceremony can be formal or informal, but does not include certain ‘vows’ nor does it include the signing of a register.

Some couples like to celebrate special anniversaries or milestones in their marriage and do this by ‘renewing’ their vows. This means that they have a service during which they ‘reaffirm’ their vows to one another, often with their friends and family present. Again, there is no legal basis for renewal of vows and no signing of a register.

A couple may have held their wedding abroad – by having a civil service on a beach, for instance, but would like the opportunity to have their marriage blessed in the company of their friends and family.

Whatever the reason, the Cathedral team are very happy to discuss a blessing or renewal of wedding vows with you – and can help you to put together a specially worded ceremony of your own, or help you choose from a wide range of options available.

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