Baptism is the commitment of an individual to Jesus Christ, professing Him to be their Lord and Saviour. There is no specific minimum age, as long as the individual understands this commitment sufficiently to be able to make their own decision.

Baptism should not be confused with infant/baby dedication – where a special service is held for a baby or young child, dedicating the child to Christ and affirming that the family will bring up the child in the faith.

At Wren’s Cathedral, baptism usually takes place immediately following a service. Family and friends are able to gather at the side of the hotel’s swimming pool and two members of the pastoral team will accompany the person being baptised into the water. Swimming attire covered with a T shirt and shorts are popular clothing for the baptism, bearing in mind that you will be completely immersed for a second or two, so should expect to be totally drenched!

The pastor will speak a few words, asking you to confirm your commitment. The pastoral team members will hold your shoulders as you ‘dip’ back into the water, before immediately resurfacing.

Following the baptism, families often like to arrange a small celebration, or coffee and cakes, which can be accommodated on site at the hotel.

Baptism is a life changing commitment and those considering baptism should discuss this with the pastoral team at Wren’s Cathedral. Baptism is usually offered only to regular attendees of the church – as congregants of another church would expect to be baptised at their own place of worship.  For those considering baptism, or those who would like to further explore their faith, courses are available to help support this journey.


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